Home Working & You: Staff Survey

Plan B Solutions' 'Home Working & You' staff survey is already leading organisations from merely coping during lockdown to really performing during lockdown.


Many have long believed that roles could largely be done at home - if only the technology would be good enough and managers trusting enough.


Suddenly we are all trying it and having to make it work.


The staff survey forms part of Plan B Solutions' seven-stage lockdown exit plan to partner with organisations to:

  • Maximise staff productivity, satisfaction and wellbeing during the lockdown
  • Optimise the workplace opportunity that could be realised by making significant elements of home working 'stick' beyond lockdown


The 'Home Working & You' staff survey enables organisations to:

  1. Understand and benchmark staff performance and wellbeing when carrying out their role at home
  2. Identify and remedy the barriers to improved productivity levels
  3. 'Socialise' with staff the idea of retaining much of the change to home working where appropriate
  4. Inform estimates of the demand for central office estate post lockdown so that organisations can down-size workplaces for the post lockdown normal
  5. Allow staff to self-assess the suitability of their role for (largely) home working and the suitability of their home environment to carry out the role


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