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Workplace Performance Appraisal

By measuring the performance of your current workplaces, we understand how your staff work and how well the workplace supports them. Our analysis ensures we can work with you to evolve areas where improvements are possible whilst retaining what is already working well.


An appraisal may include a number of analyses including a:

Advanced working programmes

The performance appraisal may identify that significant benefits can be realised for both staff performance and property costs by working differently.

An advanced working programme will identify how that can be achieved - in terms of the physical workplace and the underlying principles of operation


Change management

The best workplace solutions in the world won't work unless the staff are engaged with the change, understand why it's necessary and feel they 'own' the solution themselves.

Participating in the development of their own solution gives staff the best possible incentive to make it work.

Workplace transformation

From what you have, to:

  • what enables your staff to work best and
  • what enables you to minimise property costs