Lockdown Exit Strategy - No Going Back!

At 8:30pm on Monday 23rd March Boris Johnson announced the UK’s national lockdown. Then began the biggest national (and international) trial on home working ever imaginable.


- Staff are embracing the opportunity to work from home and are learning the video conferencing technology and even developing the communication skills with friends and family in their own time.


Now is the time to change your organisation to one which consumes potentially less than 50% of its current property.


Here's the plan to realise all the long-term financial savings that offers.

  1. Survey staff to find out how well they are coping at home and implement the necessarty initiatives to move them from merely coping to really performing
  2. Plan B Solutions 'Home Working & You' staff survey will enable you to identify those staff/groups who have most need of the office
    • Ensure these groups return first when lockdown is eased
  3. In parallel, we work with you to adjust the operation of your workplaces to become Social Distancing Workplaces
  4. As lockdown eases, we bring back those staff we identified in point 2 (above) while extending home working for those who are now really performing at home
    • These home workers will now be realising that a longer term move to being home based is achievable
  5. We identify the new worker types the organisation will have in this new working world - and the varying demands they will have of a central workplace: How often will they use it? What work settings will they need?
  6. The plan is then to evolve your workplaces - just that part of the estate you still need - into your post social distancing workplace


By following this plan your organisation follows Route 2 on the curve (see graph) where only workers who have most need to be office-based return to the socially distanced workplace.

  • The home working 'trial' continues for all other staff and for these groups there need never be any going back to old ways
  • The alternative is that staff and departments return to the office - return to the old normal - as soon as possible and so the opportunity is lost.


Contact us now to hear how we are partnering with organisations to plan their exit strategy including prepare their workplaces for a social distancing return to work.