Workplace Travel Plans and Car Parking Solutions

As workplace occupancy levels increase through the intelligent use of Workplaces, demand for on-site car parking spaces increases.


Organisations have to be increasingly innovative in Travel Plan initiatives to ensure that the size of the car park doesn't become the factor that limits the utilisation capacity of the workplace.

Plan B Solutions provides Travel Plans and car parking solutions which make it easier for your staff to do their jobs - not more difficult. You'll find our solutions innovative and pragmatic - and effective at ensuring it's the size of the building that determines its utilisation capacity NOT the size of the car park.

Responsibility for planning is now with the Department for Communities and Local Government and Travel Plans remain a key requirement for significant developments


"A Travel Plan is a package of measures aimed at promoting sustainable travel within an organisation, with an emphasis on reducing reliance on single occupancy car travel. Your travel plan must be tailored to the specific circumstances of your site.” (source: DfT)


All too often, ill thought out workplace travel plans result in sustainability objectives compromising other corporate objectives

The main reasons why you might find a Travel Plan (or travel planning initiatives) useful:


  • To support a planning application
  • To alleviate site accessibility issues
  • To resolve car parking problems
  • To improve the environmental performance of your organisation