Case Studies

The following contains current reference projects, presented courtesy of the customers involved.

Sandwell PCT

The Shifting Sands project was a partnership with Sandwell Primary Care Trust where Plan B Solutions was involved from the very beginning. It was Plan B Solutions' initial analysis work - both the workplace utilisation study and the staff questionnaire - which identified the significant potential benefits for an ‘Intelligent Office’ approach at Sandwell and which in turn led to the project being initiated.


The PCT has achieved substantial savings in property costs and, at the same time, significant improvements in overall staff satisfaction. In addition, staff assess themselves to be much more productive since the change. What was previously an environment crammed full of desks is now an open and spacious environment providing workspaces of varying types and, in exactly the same space, 10% fewer desks accommodate a 25% increase in staff numbers.

The Shifting Sands project won two national awards last year including the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) award for ‘Impact on Organisation and Workplace’. FM World is BIFM’s magazine - read the FM World case study.


Plan B Solutions and Sandwell PCT also won PFM magazine’s (Premises and Facilities Management) award for Partners in Business Change.

SMART Workplace

Plan B Solutions worked with this client to create a brand new flexible workplace.


The project began with a simultaneous workplace utilisation study covering 6 buildings across 4 locations - and resulted in a new headquarters building for an arms-length management organisation designed for full desk-sharing and using the latest generation room and desk booking system.


In addition, we worked with the same client on a property consolidation project which allowed the client to reduce property costs by more than £1m EVERY YEAR.

Office Consolidation Project

This project involved analysis of the way the organisation currently used its administrative centres and capturing feedback from all staff members regarding their own thoughts and aspirations for the workplace.


The workplace utilisation study carried out showed that the entire workforce at one campus site could be accommodated within the unused desk space at a second campus site - if the organisation worked differently with space.


Following a programme of staff engagement, office consolidation works are now proceeding. The graphic shows a 3 dimensional representation of the new workplace (in one area) - this 3D visual and many others were used during the staff engagement programme.