Plan B Solutions Ltd announces 'Smove moveS'

Plan B Solutions Ltd announces a range of customisable services to ensure your office relocation or internal move is completed smoothly and successfully

Choose our:

  • Project Management Services if you already know how you will use your new workplace and what size office you require but need help with managing or resourcing the relocation
  • Workplace Performance Appraisal if you don’t yet know how much space you need or how best to plan the workplace (or you just want to double check your own understanding)

Project Management Services

Our project managers are experienced at working with clients’ own staff to minimise risks to your business throughout your office move. We provide services including:

  • Project management
    - For relocation and/or business as usual
  • Departmental engagement and consultation
    - Including requirements’ capture and adjacencies
  • Storage requirements analysis and reduction initiatives
  • Commission and oversee required IT / telecoms
  • Create space layout options
  • Prepare space for occupation
    - Including the management of contractors and tender processes
  • Staff communication
  • Management of external moves company
  • Project personnel – to supplement and complement your available staff

Why evaluate your space requirements?

The impact of underestimating your space requirements are clear, but what about over estimation?

A 2010 study showed that average office rental costs were only 35% of total ownership costs. In London's docklands, for example, every work space sized piece of real-estate you rent which you don’t need will cost you an additional £95,000 over a 15 year lease.
(Total Office Cost Survey 2010 by Actium Consult Ltd)