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Workplace Strategy Services


By analysing the effectiveness of our customers' workplaces and their work space utilisation, Plan B Solutions enables clients to achieve significant improvements in workplace occupancy and considerable savings in property costs by changing the way they think about, and potentially transforming the way they use, their workplaces.

Workplace Utilisation Studies

Our services include:


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Your same office - but smarter!


Fully understand how your office is used to inform a smarter workplace future.


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30% more meeting rooms - ABSOLUTELY FREE! *

We can increase your effective workplace meeting room count by approximately 30%.

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You don't need to add partitions, you don't even need to give up desk space (or any other space) to make way for the new rooms...


You'll simply use leading technology to allow you to reclaim the meeting rooms that the 30% of bookers who 'no-show' swallow up.


*ok, so it's not completely free. But the ROI is compelling...