'Your workplace and you' - staff satisfaction surveys


It's your staff that have to work in the space - the effectiveness with which the workplace supports them and the activities they undertake directly affects organisational productivity. 


Plan B Solutions provides fully customisable web-based questionnaires to provide extensive qualitative as well as quantitative analysis in the investigation of:


  • Staff satisfaction with the workplace
  • Self-assessed indicators of staff productictivity


A survey will be a valuable contribution to any office project in a number of ways. The survey will:

  • Inform remedial priorities and longer term improvements to be considered
  • Provide a benchmark of satisfaction and self-assessed productivity which can be compared again after a project - this allows the impact of change to be understood and improvements to continue to be made
  • It can be used as the first component of a full staff engagement. Implementing a quick fix or change in response to survey feedback will ensure the staff realise they are being listened to and so will be encouraged to further engage as the project proceeds

The graphic shows a genuine customer example of a ‘before’ and ‘after’ benchmarking comparison in a project where a 'Smart Workplace' was introduced with full desk-sharing for all staff.