Change management

Asking staff to make a significant change?

  • Changing the level of location flexibility available to staff and teams?
  • Changing the way staff access the workplace by, for example, introducing shared desking and booking systems?
  • Changing the look and feel of the workplace by, for example, introducing new types of work setting to support a more location-flexible workforce?


For many staff the initial reaction will be to resist that change, or indeed any change. Often, they may not stop to think about why the organisation is making these changes, what the alternatives are or what's in it for the individual member of staff.


Resistance can come from all levels of the workforce and for many reasons.


Whatever the significant change you're considering many 'experts' will tell you that they know which solution is BEST. In contrast, we'll show you that the solution which will WORK BEST is the one that staff have contributed to, helped to develop and feel engaged with.


We work with you and your staff so that the staff understand that it's their solution. There's no better incentive for staff to make the solution a success than if they feel the success is their own.