Social Distancing Workplaces

Adapting your workplaces for life under social distancing guidelines is a core part of Plan B Solutions' Lockdown exit strategy.

Barely 25% of your current desk count is likely to be safely usable under social distancing rules.


Will that 25% adequately accommodate the staff / groups you have targetted for an early return to the office under your lockdown exit strategy?


Our social distancing workplaces service will identify the exact 'designated safe desks' you have in your existing workplace with minimal or no layout changes. We will show the maximum you can achieve and the range of interventions necessary for increased occupancy.


Partnering with Plan B Solutions ensures that the following challenges are addressed and questions answered:

  • How to ensure that staff come into the office each day only in numbers that can be safely accommodated
    • Without requiring teams to have multiple 'Teams' meetings every day to negotiate access numbers for the next day!
  • How to ensure that only designated safe desks are used by staff when in the office
  • How to reassure staff that where they cannot work at their 'normal' desk because of its position in the office (it's not a designated safe desk) - that it's safe to use other desks
  • How to help staff distinguish between 'hot desking' (which is frowned upon my government guidelines under social distancing) and desks being used by different people on different days with uprated cleaning in between uses
  • And crucially: How to introduce a workplace operating model NOW which will prepare staff (maximising adoption and engagement) for how the workplace will work in the near future - when the estate is downsized substantially to realise the benefits of significantly increased levels of home working


Contact us now to hear how we are partnering with organisations to plan their lockdown exit strategy including prepare their workplaces for a social distancing return to work.